Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

My New Year's resolutions for 2008 are:

1. To go to the gym more often
2. To start a food blog
3. To not waste my taste buds

Since I already blew my first resolution by not going to the gym, let's move on to the second: To start a food blog.

Many thanks to Terence and Lisa for suggesting that I start this food blog. Also, much gratitude to all of my family and friends who talk about food with me constantly. I know that I will always have material for this blog.

And finally, the most important resolution of all: To not waste my taste buds. Some people eat to live. I live to eat. I am ALWAYS thinking about my next meal. Before I'm even finished with the current meal, I'm already thinking about the next one.

I'm not advocating being a glutton. Not at all. In fact, I urge people to put thought into what they ingest. I am, however, formally starting a lifelong pursuit of eating only delicious food. I get very upset when I eat something that is not tasty. To me, it's a complete waste of my taste buds. So I want to avoid mediocre or lousy food whenever possible. It is of course, inevitable, but I hope that those encouters with bad food are limited.

Next posting, I'll start discussing something substantial like sushi. Stay tuned...


Christine said...

Delicious! I can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Sushi is delicious and healthy.

Joe Zahner

Cecilia said...

That's why SUSHI stands for "Seriously You Should Have IT!" Ugh, well no, I made that up, but DORIS is still far more geeky, she posted the blog! :)

Lillian said...

Heh... I find that my stomach size is directly proportional to how delicious I think the food is. If it sucks, I can barely eat a few bites before I actually feel full and unable to eat. If it's really good stuff, I can fit a whopping amount of food that usually surprises everyone.